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For everyone who is seeking flats for sale in Mohali Sector 77, Homeland Regalia is offering luxury flats with Intelligently Designed, and with guaranteed zero Wastage of Space. For your comfort, convenience, and safety, these apartments are developed accordingly. A nice and deadly combination of Quality Fixtures, Fittings, and Finishes is designed at every apartment in Homeland Regalia Sector 77 Mohali.

Homeland Regalia Sector 77 Mohali is spread over more than 4 acres and 20,000 sq. feet. For sports lovers, we have Many World-Class Amenities for Sports, Recreation, and Open Green Spaces. If you are the person who doesn’t want to compromise with a single bit, then Homeland Regalia Sector 77 Mohali invites you to live a superior lifestyle.

Find Most Luxurious Flats for sale in Mohali -Book your 2/3/4 BHK FLAT FOR PROVIDE LUXURY FEEL FOR YOU IN MOHALI(Kothi/flat/Apartment Option avail in mohali)

 People from different cities in Punjab and Haryana are shifting to Chandigarh and Mohali. That’s why we have a huge demand for Real estate in Sector 77 Mohali. And with huge demand, you can really get a good deal while buying flats in Homeland Regalia in Sector 77 Mohali. For buying selling flats, houses, kothis, or apartments and plots, contact Homeland Regalia, Mohai. Harry Dutt makes it easy to find and sort all the offers for you.

For Lecturers, professors, lawyers, judges,s, and Doctors real estate in Sector 77 Mohali is one of the best options. In Mohali, the Homeland Regalia provides a range of investment options for residential and business real estate. In Homeland Regalia, property prices for sale increase thanks to better amenities such as extensive roads, parks, and transport facilities.

Why choose Harry Dutt as your Real Estate Partner in Mohali 

Sometimes when you choose to go with Real estate whom you don’t know or who is too new; you can face issues such as Transparency. Professional real estate functions differently. If the investor purchases a home, the seller risks retaining the details or not knowing about any difficulties.

  1. Study and inspections are also essential for property purchases. And if you purchase an unnoticed home, like at sale, take account of the higher risk when making a bid. By choosing Harry Dutt you will be really lucky for such great property buying points.
  2. In contrast to other real estate agents in Mohali of fixed locations, the location of a property and its investment is not fixed. If you see a fair chance or can keep it for decades you can sell it in a few days.
  3. Every property is local and each property is special in location, structure, and financing. In order to build and maintain a highly lucrative portfolio of real estate investments, developers should harness a community's local expertise. For this reason, the most active investors have heterogeneity of the immovables team in every geographical region.
  4. When you're selling homes, buying, rehabilitating, finding a buyer, and shutting down takes quite a while. Even if you have rent revenue, it will take even longer for the tenants to occupy a home.
  5. However, the lack of liquidity is a positive thing in terms of real estate investments. Immobilization's illiquidity helps to make the property a safe value for long-term owners.

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Key Features

Location of Homeland Regalia Mohali which is the most perfect Luxury flat /villa -3/4/5 BHK Option for sale 


  • Temple
  • Badminton Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Kids Play Area
  • Multipurpose Ground
  • World Class Gym

Classy Nature:

  • Visit Agarwal Furniture or Flexi Office for antiquated and modern furniture
  • Among the designer clothes elites, Amarjeet Cloth House is known.
  • A-star Gemstone – famous for its unique range of gems, handcrafts, inlays, inlays of oak, aromatic candles, blue pottery, gift boxes for zardozes and more.
  • Mochi – the true leather shop.
  • Homemade paper rosy papers.


  • State Bank of India (SBI), Punjab National Bank (PNB), HDFC Bank with their ATMs
  • Sohana Hospital in Homeland Regalia.
  • Nearby a few florist
  • Nearby Judicial Courts Complex
  • Sai Tours and Travel– Travel Agency situated 

Amenities & Facilities

  • Swimming Pool
  • Yoga and Meditation Area
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Badminton Court
  • Kid`s Play Area
  • Party Lawn

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