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Our close relationships with creative and experts architect in Mohali at Harry Dutt Homes allow us to collaborate from the start on a variety of projects with the best mix of expertise available. Our project strategy is based on our experience and architects in Chandigarh Mohali collaborations, where we use industry best practices to reinforce our architect and interior designer Mohali targets through expert technical insight and solid construction. As we continue to grow our multidisciplinary teams and technical collaborators with over 50 expert architects in Mohali phase 11 to address Design problems, this collaborative design approach brings together core stakeholders and design professionals.


It is not an exaggeration to suggest that architecture is a solution to basic human needs. It is a method of space organisation that satisfies both practical and functional requirements. As one of the best architects in Mohali and interior design companies, Harry Dutt Homes is dedicated to developing a creative and groundbreaking concept of environmentally sustainable and spatial projects while maintaining social obligations.


We aim to give residents a sense of identity, protection, and privacy. Our designs promote safe communal life by allowing for social experiences.


To promote physical, emotional, and social well-being, we combine biophilic techniques such as natural light and ventilation, landscaping, natural materials, and passive architecture strategies.


We create homes that are adaptable in terms of space and practical quality. We combine tactics to minimise maintenance costs and reduce our environmental impact while simultaneously adapting to the ever-changing needs of our residents.

The Best Architecture Firm in Mohali

Architecture is a Visual Art!

Building a structure from the ground up is no easy task. When you have the right architecture, the design and interiors come into play. We take pride in providing outstanding architectural service to our patrons for decades as one of the finest design firms in Mohali. Creating great architecture is a difficult challenge that necessitates research into construction choices, building codes, and zoning rules, as well as dealing with contractors.

An architect has his or her own road map. Our architectural services include planning, paper processing, and building administration. The architects also have feasibility studies, architectural programming, and project management in addition to these main services. Both commercial and residential buildings are served by our architectural facilities. Here's a quick rundown of our services:

Prelim planning

At this stage, project planning starts. At this point, the project's requirements, visions, and objectives are addressed.


This is where you start preparing your project. At this point, the project's requirements, aspirations, and objectives are addressed.

Tendering, Bidding, and Negotiation

Our staff assists you in establishing contact with suppliers and reviewing offers.

Construction Documents

Drawings and measurements are essential for securing construction permits and bids, so we focus on them. They also provide construction guidance to the builder.

Scheme Drawings/Design

The preliminary concept sketch is based on the client's requirements as well as the available budget. It aids in the exploration of potential solutions and the evaluation of each one's merits.

Government Approvals and Documentation

We assist you in securing permits and occupation certificates, as well as water, gas, and sanitation hookups.

You can trust our architecture firm in Mohali to create a one-of-a-kind and functional concept for you.

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