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Harry Dutt Homes is a leading real estate agent in Tricity i.e. Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula. It is a well-established business that has developed its trust and name by building excellent constructions. There is bound to be a cap on the maximum limit on the investment return ratio, putting a ceiling on the upward trend in pricing.

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Harry Dutt Homes is proud to be a forward-thinking, local company that gives every customer a top priority to delivering excellent service. Everybody has a desire of owning a home for living and investment, but a lot of studies and hard effort are required to choose the ideal property. Budget, location, house type, amenities and much more are key parts to start your house search adventure.

Harry Dutt Homes is also one of the biggest important online internet markets for the sales and rentals of many property buyers and sellers.

Harry Dutt Homes offers an overview of all the homes we can provide in its region, including a selection of Singles, Duplex and Triplex, as well as Furnished & SemiFurnished houses that are listed here.

Why Harry Dutt Homes?

Harry Dutt Homes is designed for Tricity i.e, Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula. Harry Dutt Homes prides being a real fellow in his trip to a home searcher. Harry Dutt knows the difference between finding a Home Vs Haus with the legacy and trust established by Harry Dutt. Therefore, we combine the proper balance of technological innovation, artificial intelligence and human touch to deliver you precisely what you want.

Need assistance finding your dream home in Mohali?

  • Based on our solid market expertise and knowledge, we choose the appropriate home to meet your demands.
  • At a very low cost, we give exceptional service.
  • We have faith in long-term mutual trust and understanding partnerships.
  • We only propose investments that are intended for secure returns in commercial and residential property.
  • Our objective is to provide a sincere and committed outcome for the customer.
  • Our pay is based on a reasonable evaluation of the property transaction.
  • To deliver on our promise to customers we can go to any length.

Our guiding principles are as follows:

  • Clients First - We agree with putting clients first and as a business, our primary goal is to meet or exceed the needs of our customers constantly.
  • Real Estate for real use – Our property investment portfolio is built on the assumption that it must be helpful for a particular end-user rather than for speculation. After a comprehensive analysis of the region and taking into account the end-user requirements, we produce a list of attributes. Only those properties with great investment development potential are recommended.
  • Quality – Our work ethic is built on the concept that the ability defines what you can accomplish; it decides what you really accomplish and how effectively you do it.


Our goal is to provide the investor's greatest return on investment and to help builders advertise and sell future and existing projects. We assist investors in the legality and documentation of the investment and the builder in a trustworthy connection.


We have managed 25 projects effectively to satisfy our respected customers within a short period of time.

We are the greatest real estate experts with a full range of facilities and a choice of residential and business buildings. Therefore please inquire about our services if you are a real estate investor and we're happy to assist you.



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