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A good architect and interior designer Mohali should be well-versed in his profession just as Harry Dutt Homes. We have the necessary qualifications to complete his interior design work. Our expert's designers in their profession will recommend good ideas and designs to their clients based on their requirements. They are all trusting in their ability to understand customers' views and suggestions.

You just need to hire the best interior designer in Mohali to turn your space into a well-designed room to make a stunning impression. Then you're poised to make an impression not just through your job but also through the work of an interior designer, whether it's in your home or office.


interior design in Mohali is a service that adorns your home in such a way that it becomes a spot where you want to spend more of your time. An interior designer for a home in Mohali not only contributes to the overall appearance of the house but also brings harmony and joy. Many times, you make little errors in the way you arrange items, which may lead to a blunder. Through using their expert expertise in interior design, interior decorators in Mohali will help you avoid such blunders. When a room is painted with a hue of love and saturated with care, it feels more alive, and your space is no exception. Your face is painted in the most beautiful manner imaginable by interior designers.


bedroom interior design in Mohali, unlike other spaces, is a private affair. It's also the only place where we can let our real identities shine in the elements we choose. And for couples, a style that complements all of their personalities is possible. All in your room, from a comfortable bed to the picture frames on the wall, is designed to give visitors a glimpse into your personality. When we first start, we usually just pick out a bed and a cupboard, but a room is so much more!


Why Choose us?


When we work on a project, we concentrate on planning, constructing, and detailing architect and interior designer in Mohali, and we have extensive experience in overseeing any part of the design concept. We put together the pieces that beautifully complement the architecture of each home without any hassle, thanks to our more than a decade of experience in the interior design industry. Each piece is handcrafted in our own studio to create stunning and luxuriously comfortable interiors.


Harry Dutt Homes is more concerned about building stunning environments than about sticking to a schedule. We agree that interior designer Mohali should be affordable to all, regardless of their financial situation. We make it in our own workshop, so you won't have to spend more to buy everything from anywhere else. Our pricing system is often designed with budget-conscious individuals in mind. We don't believe in shocking you with unexpected costs at the end of your project. We're responsible for finishing interior design designs on time and budget.


Harry Dutt Homes is your friend and partner in creating the ideal house. We aim to exceed our clients' needs by designing dynamic, pleasing, and practical interiors based on a shared view of what you want, which can only be accomplished by improved communication. Our project managers work closely with customers to ensure that everything runs well and on schedule. They'll look after your needs and assist you in making informed choices that will result in a unique space that expands with you and exceeds your standards.

Designer Curtains for Exclusive Home Furnishing

Harry Dutt Homes specialise in providing what we call "Beautiful Interiors," and is very aware of the importance of paying attention to the smallest items. We have a dedicated department of interior designers and decorators who are responsible for each project's unique requirements. We know how to choose every puzzle piece to make it beautiful.

Our goal is to build and design the best home designer in Mohali for you that is both relaxed and complements who you are as an individual. And a well-chosen set of curtains will accomplish this perfectly. Curtains will add just as much to a room's interior as furniture. We know what fits the home interiors and we've worked on a variety of interior designs.

When selecting curtains, we consider not only the colour of your room walls and furniture but also several other factors to ensure that the result is a cosy space that is exactly what you expect.

  • Colour: The curtain colour was chosen with care to match the rest of the interiors, including the wall colour, decor, and lighting.
  • Texture: The textures on the curtain provide the true atmosphere of your room, which is something we pay close attention to when working on your home interior design. And you'll be enthralled by the feats of magic performed.
  • Lengths: We know what curtain style suits your interior theme, whether it's brushing the window ledge, brushing the surface, or breaking the floor.
  • Linings: We choose the fabrics for curtains and drapes with great care to ensure the necessary privacy while allowing only the amount of sunlight to pass through the curtains that you expect.

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